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With its vibrant culture, lovely landscape, and strong economy, Australia is a popular destination for so many people who are looking for the perfect place to call their new home.

And as English is the primary medium of communication in Australia, you’ll need to prove that you can meet a minimum language standard for day- to- day conversations. So, taking the IELTS test is an excellent way to meet this English language requirement.

IELTS is the most widely used and respected measure of English skill in Australia for study, work, and migration. And it’s the English test of choice for educational organizations, professional associations, and employers across Australia.

IELTS Academic or General Training – which IELTS is required for Australia?

If you’re wondering about the IELTS requirements for Australia, you should know that it depends on what you want to do.

That means you have a choice between IELTS Academic or General Training. Usually, you can do the General Training test for migration purposes. Alternatively, most universities in Australia will ask you for the Academic IELTS test. The organisation where you plan to work, or study sets the requirements. So, before you register for your IELTS test, it’s good to check which one is right for you.

Minimum IELTS scores for Australia

IELTS scores differ from one Australian university to another; however, they typically range from 6.0 to 6.5. Check this listexternal icon of Australian universities and their required IELTS score.

Is IELTS required for an Australian student visa?

IELTS is an important part of your Australian student visa application.

It’s also worth mentioning that universities set their own IELTS requirements for their different courses and programs. So, if you are applying to an Australian university, be sure to check their website for the latest information about the required IELTS score and IELTS test type.

Check here for the full list of Australian universities which accept the IELTS test.

IELTS requirements for migration

To get an Australian visa, you will need to demonstrate your English abilities to the Department of Home Affairsexternal icon. In Australia, you can use your IELTS test score for a variety of visa categories, including permanent residency. IELTS is the most popular English language proficiency test for migrants to Australia. It assesses your English proficiency on a scale of 0 to 9 in each of the four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The minimum IELTS entry score for migration to Australiaexternal icon is 4.5.

Is 7 a good score in IELTS for Australia?

Well, the IELTS score for Australia also depends on what you’re planning to do there. There is no 'one size fits all' rule when it comes to IELTS entry scores.

As mentioned above, every immigration department and educational institute has its own unique set of criteria and sets its IELTS requirements accordingly.

We know that taking the IELTS is imperative to support your application for a visa to immigrate to or study in Australia! And we’re here to help you get the results you need. Through our IELTS Prepare Hub, you will learn various study tips that will help enhance your English language skills.

Furthermore, you can take the IELTS Progress Check test to track your IELTS preparation progress. The official online practice test for IELTS Academic and General Training has the same format as the actual IELTS test. There are several different new Academic and General Training practice tests available as well. The IELTS Progress Check can be completed under timed or untimed conditions. After you finish all four parts of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), you will be able to submit the mock test for marking. The IELTS markers will mark your test and a report will be available within five days of completing the test.

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