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Complete an IELTS mock test online and receive your IELTS Progress Check Report indicative band scores within 5 days

Succeed in your IELTS test with IELTS Progress Check

Boost your chances of excelling in the IELTS test with our mock tests in Cambodia. These practice assessments are crucial to understanding the structure and timing of the exam, offering a unique preparation method. Engaging with them allows you to receive critical feedback, highlighting specific areas for improvement. Our detailed and realistic mock tests not only simulate the actual IELTS environment, enhancing confidence and essential skills, but also cover all sections — Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking — making our platform an invaluable resource for comprehensive and effective preparation.

Benefits of IELTS mock test - Progress Check

Prepare for IELTS with a Progress Check practice test, available for both the General Training and Academic tests. This official mock test provides an indicative band score along with an official feedback report that includes detailed scores for each test section and tailored feedback from IELTS markers on all assessment criteria in your Speaking and Writing tests. To cater to diverse preparation needs, four different IELTS Academic tests and four different IELTS General Training tests are available.

Progress Check is crafted to give you an authentic feel of the IELTS test, aiding in mastering time management and familiarising you with potential test day questions. It offers flexibility to complete the tests under timed or untimed conditions, allowing customisation of your practice approach. This is crucial for honing a strong test-taking strategy, catering to those who seek a real exam-like atmosphere and those who prefer a more relaxed environment for in-depth preparation. 

Moreover, engaging with IELTS Progress Check effectively acquaints you with the exam's format, significantly enhancing your performance and confidence. By practising with a tool that mirrors the actual exam experience, you're better prepared to achieve your desired band score on the IELTS.

How will the IELTS mock test be examined?

Upon finishing the IELTS Progress Check, which includes the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections, you can submit the mock test for marking. This applies to both IELTS on Computer and IELTS on Paper formats, adhering to the standard IELTS evaluation criteria.

Qualified IELTS markers will thoroughly review each section, checking the Listening and Reading answers for accuracy and assessing the Writing and Speaking for linguistic fluency and clarity. Within five days, you'll receive a detailed report with an overall indicative band score, individual section scores, and specific feedback for the Speaking and Writing sections.

The assessment process for the IELTS on Computer is equally stringent and detailed as for the IELTS on Paper, ensuring a consistent and fair evaluation across both formats.

Features of IELTS Progress Check

1. Official mock test with indicative band score

Engage in a comprehensive mock test that replicates the real IELTS format, offering you an indicative band score. This score is essential in gauging your current performance level and progress in your IELTS preparation journey.

2. Comprehensive official feedback report

Receive an official feedback report encompassing an overall indicative band score and separate scores for each section (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), which provides a complete analysis of your strengths and areas needing improvement.

3. Customised feedback from expert IELTS markers

Gain customised advice based on your performance, provided by seasoned IELTS evaluators. This targeted feedback, especially in Speaking and Writing sections, offers critical insights and practical tips to improve your abilities.

4. Wide range of test options

Select from four distinct Academic and four General Training tests. Each offers a unique set of questions and scenarios, broadening your exposure and readiness for the varied challenges of the actual IELTS test.

Difference between IELTS Progress Check mock test vs IELTS Free Practice Test

Choosing the right IELTS preparation tool requires evaluating the unique attributes of the IELTS Progress Check mock test versus the Free Practice Test, as each offers different benefits and limitations tailored to various stages of test prep.

IELTS Progress Check mock test:


  • Includes Academic and General Training versions.

  • Four varied tests for comprehensive preparation.

  • Detailed feedback reports with predictive scores.

  • Customised advice from experts for Writing and Speaking.

  • Online accessibility across devices, with specialised Speaking test format.


  • May require a fee, unlike the free practice tests.

  • Might be too detailed for beginners in IELTS prep.

Free Practice Test:


  • Provides basic understanding of the IELTS structure.

  • Enables self-evaluation against standard answers.

  • Free and easily accessible, suitable for early preparation.


  • Lacks the tailored feedback and detailed evaluation of the Progress Check.

  • Offers less exhaustive prep compared to the Progress Check mock test.