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Because “devise” and “device” are homophones (words that sound alike), they are often confused. Some tips on telling them apart. 

Devise vs. Device: the difference


Is a verb: A word or phrase that describes an action, condition, or experience. When spoken, it rhymes with 'realize' [z].


Is a noun: A word that refers to a person, place, thing, event, substance, or quality. When spoken, it rhymes with 'ice' [s].

Devise vs. Device: the definitions


To contrive, plan, or elaborate; invent from existing ideas. 


A thing made for a specific purpose; an invention, especially a mechanical or electrical one.

Devise vs. Device: the synonyms


The synonyms for this word include: Conceive, create, formulate, hatch, invent, prepare, craft, plan. 


The synonyms for this word include: Gadget, project, design.

Devise vs. Device: in a sentence


  • I hope to devise a better travel plan, so that we don’t waste too much time in transit. 

  • My basketball coach believes he can devise a fail-proof strategy for the team to win the Grand Final tomorrow.

  • I think I devised a way to cook the chicken in half the usual time.

  • Susan devised a surprise party to welcome her brother who is visiting from France. 


  • Do you have a device that has an internet connection and a camera? 

  • This heating device is powered by gas. 

  • A GPS device is essential when you are travelling in an unfamiliar city. 

  • Barry loves to take electrical devices apart. 

Reference: Cambridge Dictionary