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Can I buy an IELTS certificate?

The simple answer is NO! Anyone claiming to sell you an IELTS certificate is trying to scam you. While purchasing an IELTS certificate without sitting the test may sound like an easy option, anyone buying scams is wasting their money and risking their future opportunities. If you do you could get banned from IELTS.

Where and how these scammers operate

Scammers operate in many different ways. It's important to lookout for the warning signs. For example, you may come across an ad on Google or social media with a catchy headline such as "Buy IELTS without giving exam". It may sound enticing but rest assured it's nothing but a scam. 


You might see these offers on:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Whatsapp

  • LinkedIn

  • Reddit

  • Quora

  • Other websites and blogs.

Look out for yourself, and your future

Scammers who promise false IELTS certificates will take your money and disappear without delivering on promises.

If you use a fake IELTS certificate, your results will be rejected and you might be reported to authorities – jeopardizing your lifelong goals.

Education institutions and employers can help stamp out scams

The IELTS partners vigorously pursue allegations of scam activity to protect the integrity of the IELTS test and the interests of genuine test takers.

The IELTS Online Verification Service allows all 11,000 organizations that accept IELTS scores to quickly and securely verify whether any Test Report Form (TRF) received from applicants is genuine.

We strongly encourage every organization that accepts IELTS certificates to verify each IELTS TRF.

How to report scammers

We encourage anyone being approached to buy IELTS results or TRFs to immediately report this activity to IELTS.

You can do that at your nearest IELTS test centre or by emailing