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Test day transfers and cancellations

You must give a minimum of 5 weeks before your test day if you wish to:

  • request a refund for your IELTS test

  • change your test date

  • cancel or postpone your IELTS test

No refund will be given to test takers who fail to show up on the day of their test. If you wish to retake the test on another day, you must register and pay the test fee again.

Cancellation at least 5 weeks ahead of your test date

If you cancel your IELTS test at least 5 weeks ahead of your test day, you will receive a refund, minus a 25% administrative fee.

Cancelling within 5 weeks of your test date

If you cancel your IELTS test within 5 weeks of your test date, you will receive no refund.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from taking your test, you are eligible for a refund if you can provide evidence within 5 days of your test that your ability to sit the test will be or has been affected by serious illness or cause, such as:

  • Serious Illness Hospital admission or serious injury

  • Death of a close family member

  • Hardship or trauma, victim of a crime, victim of a traffic accident

  • Loss of job

  • Military service

You must inform the test centre by email about your request. A Request for Refund or Test Day Transfer must be supported by appropriate documentation and evidence. These supporting documents may include a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death certificate, a police report, or termination letter from the company.

If the refund request has been approved, you will be notified via email together with the Refund/ Test Day Transfer Link Form which you will need to complete. Processing of a refund will take around 3 to 4 weeks. You will also be charged a 25% administrative fee. This covers the cost of processing your request which is 25% of your current test fee.

The Request for a Refund and Test Day Transfer are subject to verification before approval or rejection.

Additional policies might be applicable to your country. Please check with your local IDP IELTS Test Centre for the in-country Transfer and Cancellation Policy.