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IELTS for migration

Migrating overseas is a challenging but ultimately enriching experience. You will have many things to take care of, and you may find that you need to step outside your comfort zone in many ways. But one thing you can be comforted by is that you are setting yourself up for success with IELTS.  

IELTS for migration: The clear choice of test takers worldwide 

IELTS is world’s number one English proficiency test when it comes to migration. No other English test is accepted as much as IELTS. Plus, it’s available at over 4,000 IELTS test locations across 120 countries, including more than 280 computer-delivered IELTS centres, making it easily accessible worldwide. From maximising your chances of success on your immigration application to helping you achieve your career goals, IELTS is a key to unlocking greater success in your migration journey. 

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Anthea, former IELS test taker and now a successful business owner

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