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When you’re a busy IELTS test taker, choosing the right study materials can be a challenge. 

If you look up ‘IELTS preparation’ online, you’ll find over a million results.  

With so many options available, how do you know which ones to trust? And how can find resources that match your English level?  

To help you find the IELTS prep materials that suit you best, we’ve created an English self-assessment tool.

Get an estimation of your current English level and receive IELTS tips and resources based on your English language ability. We’ll also share recommendations on how to increase your band score. 

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How it can help you

The English self-assessment tool is a free, online level test you can use to find out your approximate English level. 

Your results help us support you at your current English level. We give you personalised advice and show you what you can do next to get ready for IELTS.

What you will receive: 

  1. Find out your approximate English level and learn what it means 

  2. Receive study recommendations based on your current English level. 

  3. Discover customised IELTS preparation materials endorsed by IDP 

  4. Get tips on how to increase your IELTS band score. 

IELTS preparation resources include articles, videos, study lists and practice questions. Plus, watch real IELTS test takers complete the IELTS Speaking test and find out how to reach your desired score.  

English self-assessment tool Upper Intermediate results page

How it works

Our English language level test includes 30 multiple-choice questions, designed to check your understanding English grammar, vocabulary and language use.  

We recommend that you allow 15-20 minutes to complete the test. But as it’s not timed, you can take as long as you like.  

The results will show you your approximate English language level. You’ll get personalised study tips and IELTS preparation materials that are suitable for your English language ability. 

The English self-assessment tool meets you where you are in your English language journey. Save time by receiving study resources that are right for you. 

Ready to take the next steps in your IELTS preparation?

Try the English self-assessment tool today.


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