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Our commitment to your IELTS success with IELTS Prepare

A benchmark for English proficiency in over 135 nations, IELTS is the first criterion to meet if you aspire to work or study abroad. Given the comprehensive nature of the areas tested in the IELTS exam, self-study can be challenging. 

At IDP, we are always looking to help test takers get their best IELTS score so they can achieve their study, work and migration goals. As part of this, we conducted a survey asking our test takers what their priority needs were when taking IELTS. The overwhelming response was that test takers were looking for “easy access to official preparation materials.”  

With this answer in mind, we’ve created IELTS Prepare – a one-stop-shop for all official IDP IELTS preparation materials curated for structured and strategic study to amplify your chances of securing a high band score.

In this new hub, IELTS test takers will be able to access all the resources they need in one place. From articles, videos and webinars to expert assessments, IELTS online courses and practice tests, there's learning content on IELTS Prepare for every type of preparation.  

Your one-stop IELTS preparation material hub

Understanding that every test taker has different needs, IELTS Prepare’s preparation materials are designed to cater to diverse learning styles and requirements. Within the IELTS Prepare hub, you'll uncover IELTS sample tests crafted to help you familiarise yourself with actual exam conditions. You can seek expert guidance for each test section or participate in insightful sessions where specialists explore specific topics and address your pressing questions.

Otherwise, navigate enlightening reads highlighting common challenges and offering effective exam strategies. For a structured learning approach, IELTS Prepare also offers pathways tailored to solidify vital concepts and assessments that spotlight areas for improvement.


对于第一次参加雅思考试的考生来说, 雅思备考中心是开始准备雅思考试的起点,让你少走弯路。