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Teaching IELTS test takers is definitely an important role; check out this article and browse all the needed IELTS materials to help you become the best IELTS teacher out there. You will also find some helpful materials if you’re an ESL educator who teaches IELTS preparation classes!

Online tools

  • IELTS Teacher Training Program: Writing and Speaking

This helps you understand IELTS Writing and Speaking and the assessment criteria. Recognised by English Australia for 40 Continuing Professional Development points. Arranged for teaching institutions by agreement with the local IDP IELTS test centre.

  • IELTS Guide for Teachers booklet

A detailed guide for teachers with information on the IELTS test format, scoring, and preparing students for the test.

  • IELTS Teaching Community Facebook group

Official IELTS Teaching Community on Facebook helps you connect with colleagues around the world, ask your questions and share ideas.

Webinar series and face-to-face workshops

  • IELTS Train The Trainer webinars

Live Train the Trainer IELTS webinars to learn useful teaching techniques, practical classroom activities and much more.

  • IELTS Train The Trainer Workshops: teaching the four skills

These workshops raise teachers’ awareness of the format, task types and essential skills being assessed on the IELTS test. This is linked to effective practical strategies for teaching IELTS preparation in the classroom. Arranged for teaching institutions by agreement with the local IDP IELTS test centre.

These are all the preparation materials you will need when teaching students who are planning on taking the IELTS test. Immerse yourself in the IELTS community now and leave your mark through mentoring test takers!