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For each IELTS test taken, you will automatically receive one Test Report Form (TRF). We strongly advise that you keep this original copy in a safe place. Do not send your copy to agencies or institutions. You also have the option at the time of registration to request copies of your TRF be sent to up to 5 additional institutions or organizations (postage may be extra). Any requests for any number of TRFs at a later date require an additional fee.  Your IELTS results are valid for 2 years from your test date. You may request that additional copies of your Test Report Form (TRF) be sent to additional organizations of your choice in either electronic or paper format. 

Before requesting an electronic TRF, please ensure your chosen institution or organization accepts this format. Any request for additional TRFs must be made to the test centre where you took your original test.

Depending on which test centre you took your test, the procedure for requesting additional TRFs differs. Follow the instructions below to determine which procedure to follow. 

If your centre number (see the top left of your original TRF to find your test centre number) is on the following list, see the instructions immediately after the list to order additional TRFs, otherwise proceed to the following section.

  • CA067

  • CA418

  • CA817

  • CA841

  • CA842

  • CA843

  • CA844

  • CA845

Request additional TRFs if the centre number is in the list above.

Step 1: Click here and submit the form to request an additional Test Report Form (TRF).

Step 2: After submitting the form, we will email you an invoice within 2 business days. Follow the instructions in that email to submit payment as soon as possible.

Step 3: Once payment is received, we’ll process your request and issue the additional TRFs within 5 business days.

Please note: If you are requesting an additional TRF for the purpose of immigration to Canada, please be informed that you can upload a copy of your TRF to your profile. As of January 01, 2023 Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not require a hard copy of the TRF for your application.

If your centre number is not in the list above, see the instructions beneath or visit this link to find your centre.

Request additional TRFs from Test Centres not listed above

If you took your IELTS exam at any of the following test centres then you need to request additional TRFs from them directly.  Use the links below to visit their website for details on how to order additional TRFs from them:

Finally, in the unlikely event that the testing centre where you took your IELTS test has closed, you can request additional TRFs through a special process with Cambridge