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Why IELTS Online?

You can now take IELTS Academic in a location that best suits you. IELTS Online offers you the flexibility to be able to take your test at home or any suitable private location with a stable internet connection. IELTS Online is widely accepted, please check with the organisation you are applying with to confirm they accept IELTS Online. IELTS Online is not accepted by immigration authorities.

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What you need

There are some minimum system, equipment and software requirements you need to meet to be able to access IELTS Online on your computer.

Environment and Equipment

  • Quiet, private well-lit space with a desk

  • Stable internet connection

  • Laptop or desktop computer with a microphone, camera and speakers

  • Passport

  • Mobile or tablet with a camera

Hardware and Software

Most Mac or Windows computers are suitable to take IELTS Online, however there are some technical requirements for taking the test:

  • Operating system

  • Storage requirements

  • Internet connection and speed

  • Access to browsers

  • Upload speed requirements

  • Downloading and completing pre-system checks on Inspera Exam Portal software

We recommend you check this list to make sure you meet requirements before you book your test.

Do's and dont's

  • Make sure that your space meets the minimum requirements for the test and that it is:

    • Quiet

    • Private

    • Well-lit

  • Make sure you have the Inspera Exam Portal (IEP) installed on your computer before the test

  • Make sure your speakers and microphone are on for the entire duration of the test

  • Check your camera is switched on and uncovered

  • Have with you the passport or photo ID you booked your test with

  • Make sure no one else is in the room with you (including pets)

  • Headphones are not allowed for any part of the test

  • Items NOT allowed in the room during the test:

    • watches

    • electronic devices; video or voice recorder

    • note paper, pens or pencils

    • reference materials

  • You are only allowed a transparent bottle (without any labels) and your original identity document

Read the IELTS Online Checklist to know more about the dos and don'ts before your test day!