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IELTS Online: The essentials

IELTS Online is the new way to take IELTS Academic, the world’s leading test of English for international higher education. IELTS Online allows you to take your English test from home or another suitable location. Before booking and taking your test, please check you have the following:

The right setup and environment for the test

  • Secure a quiet, private well-lit space with a desk

  • a stable internet connection

  • a laptop or desktop computer

  • a microphone and speakers (headphones not allowed)

  • a camera (internal or external)

  • a passport

  • a mobile phone or tablet with a camera

The right equipment 

  • Desktop or laptop computer – IELTS Online cannot be taken on mobile or tablet 

  • US and UK International English Keyboards (QWERTY)

  • You must have administration privileges to your computer  

  • Speakers 

  • Microphone on for duration of test   

  • Camera on and uncovered for duration of test   

  • One monitor only 

  • Mobile phone with camera may be required at check-in to assist in room scan. Once this is done, switch off the device and keep it away

The right hardware and software 

  •  Operating system requirement:

    • Mac version 10.15 or higher

    • Windows version 10 or 11 on 64-bit platforms

  • CPUs newer than 2011 (Intel Sandy Bridge or newer) with support for SSE 4.2

  • Minimum 2 core CPU, Recommended minimum 4 core CPU

  • OpenGL 2.0 graphics driver

  • Minimum 2GB RAM; Recommended minimum 4GB RAM

  • 75 MB of free storage

  • Web camera & microphone (internal or external)

  • Access to one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge 

  • Upload and download speed of 0.6 Mbps

  • You will also need to download Inspera Exam Portal (IEP)external icon and perform some pre-system checks.