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In most tests, as well as IELS, an understanding of the test itself is necessary to achieve the goal. Learn more about the exam through the frequently asked questions prepared.


What is the difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training?

If you plan to migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK or the USA, taking an IELTS General Training test makes sense. Or if you plan on studying in secondary education, or enrolling in vocational training, this might still be the right choice.

But if you plan to study in higher education or want professional registration in an English-speaking country, you might need to take an IELTS Academic test.

Can I make notes during the IELTS on computer test?

Yes. IELTS on computer provides a note-taking and highlight function. You can try these functions on the familiarisation tests here. You can also write notes on the login details sheet you receive at the beginning of the test.

What band score do I need to study abroad?

The band score  you need  to  study abroad is set by the institution to which you are applying and not by IELTS.

The score needed to apply to  a course may vary based on the institution or course you want to apply for. If  you are  not sure what band score  you need to apply for your desired course,  check out our Who accepts IELTS page or double-check with the institution you wish to apply to. 

About Test day

IELTS는 모든 과목을 같은 날에 응시하게 되나요?

The Listening, Reading, and Writing parts of the test are completed immediately after each other on the same day. In some test centres, you will sit the Speaking test on the same day or after your test date.

If you take computer-delivered IELTS, the Speaking test will be taken on the same day or after the other three parts of the test.

What should I do if I have already made an booking?

If you have already made a booking, please check your booking confirmation email and contact our IELTS IDP centers directly for any clarification.

If you are interested in booking a test, you may email us your enquiry with the preferred venue.

Please note the changes in our operation schedules

What happens when I get my IELTS test remarked?

When you request a remark, your IELTS test will be remarked by an experienced senior IELTS examiner who is not aware of the original marks awarded for each part - Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking. Your test centre is then notified of the remarked result and if the mark has changed, you will receive a new Test Report Form (TRF).

About IELTS Online

What is IELTS Online? 

IELTS Online is the new way to take the IELTS Academic test. You can now choose to take the world’s leading English language test at home or in a private location with a stable internet connection. It has the same test format and duration as IELTS Academic taken in a test centre, but IELTS Online gives you the opportunity to choose where you want to take the test from.

The Speaking test is conducted online via video call with an IELTS Examiner.

It uses the same IELTS multi-layered security processes in pre-test, test day and post-test operations. Recognising Organisations (ROs) will use the same online verification system as the one used to verify in-centre results.

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