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What to expect from our free IELTS preparation course

Book your IELTS test with IDP and learn the university way for free. Access hundreds of new and improved IELTS study materials developed by Macquarie University experts through our preparation course. This includes sample test questions with model answers and over 60 guided video tutorials delivered by award-winning IELTS trainers for insightful strategies on tackling each section of the IELTS test efficiently.

Developed by Macquarie University experts

Among the top universities in Australia, Macquarie University is renowned for its academic excellence and practical curriculum with a focus on ‘real world’ learning. Bringing this expertise to IDP’s free IELTS preparation course*, enrolling in the course enables you to benefit from a holistic learning experience in the following ways:

  • In-depth coverage: the course fully covers each of the four IELTS test segments, enabling you to cover all grounds.

  • Targeted learning: the course delves into how to identify different question types and craft your answers accordingly, providing you with practical strategies for improving the accuracy of your answers.

  • Interactive study approach: specific sections offer opportunities for you to participate in discussion forums with peers to reinforce your learning.

  • Experienced tutors: the preparation course’s tutors are highly experienced and adept at clarifying concepts, ensuring you receive clear, precise guidance and support throughout your learning journey to ace the IELTS test with confidence and competence.

IDP's global recognition and expertise

As a joint owner of the IELTS, IDP deeply understands the test’s full requirements and nuances. Our years of global experience assisting students worldwide with test preparations also allowed us to refine our course materials and teaching methods continually. This ensures you have access to the most effective, relevant resources and support for free*, empowering you to achieve the scores you aspire to.

Free access for up to 30 days*

Book your IELTS test with IDP and get access to IELTS Macquarie Preparation courses for free!*

Choose to focus your study on one IELTS skill (Reading, Writing, Listening, or Speaking) and get access to all related study materials for 30 days. Or, if you want to cover all bases, you can choose to enjoy free unlimited access to all four IELTS skills for 4 days.

You can access our app-exclusive IELTS Preparation Course on the IELTS by IDP app!

Customisable learning paths

Choose your personalised online study program and learn at your own pace with a range of comprehensive courses covering all sections of the IELTS Academic and General Training tests.

Developed by English language experts from the Macquarie University IELTS test centre and trusted by over 600,000 students across 140 countries, the IELTS Macquarie Preparation courses have everything you need for IELTS success, all in one place.

Book your IELTS test for instant access*. Depending on the free study package selected, you may choose from up to:

  • 60+ expert guided tutorial videos

  • 100+ practice questions and quizzes

  • 150+ grammar and vocabulary lessons

  • 14 sample writing assessments with model responses

  • 7 speaking assessments

  • 8 mock tests with feedback


*Free access is available for 4 days or 30 days, depending on the offer selected. Valid with bookings at participating test centres only.

Flexible learning schedule

Fully offered online, IDP’s free IELTS preparation course* allows you to study whenever and wherever suits you best. This enables you to seamlessly integrate your IELTS preparation into your daily routine so you can easily and consistently progress towards your goals at a healthy pace without sacrificing other commitments.

Exclusive IELTS preparation offer for IDP test takers

Get FREE access to an online preparation course developed by Macquarie University experts when you book your IELTS test with IDP Education!

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Get FREE access to an online preparation course developed by Macquarie University experts when you book your IELTS test with IDP Education!