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IDP IELTS Preparation Bundle Promo

We’re giving away these freebies to IDP IELTS test takers until June 30, 2024!

1. Register your IELTS test and confirm your payment until end of promo period.

2. You can schedule and take the test on any date, as long as payment is completed before your actual test date or until end of June 2024.

3. After receiving your payment confirmation, fill out this form to avail the bundle promo.

4. As part of the promotion, you will receive an IELTS Preparation E-book and one free review session with one of our partner IELTS Review Centers.

Free review session with any of the following review centers:

A. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review and Tutorial Center

  • Free IELTS Online Course (Unlimited for 1 month)

Recorded videos, practice tests, model essays, sample responses, and interactive exercises

  • Free AI - powered writing assessment (Unlimited for 1 month)

Unlimited checking of writing tasks

  • Free IELTS Book

The test taker will be given either a writing or speaking book, which can be claimed at their nearest 9.0 Niner branch.

  • Free one-on-one coaching

Coaching from their own IELTS Expert Teachers

  • Chance to Win a Refund of your IELTS Exam Fee worth Php 12,350

Monthly raffle to be announced on 9.0 Niner Facebook page

  • Free soft copy of Mock Exams

12 versions, Total of 36 hours

  • Enrollees Support Group Chat

Be part of the biggest support group chat to help you prepare the test.

B. ACE IELTS Review Center

  • 2 weeks access to IELTS Practice Test Materials for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

  • IELTS on Computer Practice Materials

  • IELTS Study Guide

  • Free Mock Tests

  • Free Final Coaching Session

C. Cevas Language Center

  • Up to Php 2,450 discount voucher

Individual Enrollment. Unlimited Review, no expiration, and a lifetime warranty. Discount of Php 2,000.00. Pay only Php 3,950.00

Group Enrollment (of 2 or more). Unlimited Review and get Php 2,450.00 discount each.

  • Free IELTS courses

The first 15 students who enroll in any course, will get all five courses for free.

  • Free Visa Consultation from their Partners

CEVAS students are eligible to get a Free visa consultation from Cevas’ partners and affiliates.

  • Unlimited One-on-one Coaching

With confirmed test dates. Online and Onsite

Countdown to IELTS E-booklet

An IELTS preparation booklet that will let you get familiar with the test format, test parts, and questions you might encounter on test day.

In addition to these freebies you will also have the following:

IELTS Prepare – an online preparation course that helps you develop one component of the test whether it be Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. It includes 20-25 hours of study time and a free practice test of your chosen component of the test. You can avail of this great course thru a link in your payment confirmation email. 

IDP IELTS Masterclass Webinar – a 3-hour webinar that discusses all about the IELTS test including all the components of the test (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) by our IELTS expert. Learn practical tips and strategies on how to take the IELTS test when you attend this webinar. You will receive your invitation on our upcoming Webinars thru your registered email address. Keep posted!

IDP IELTS on Computer Practice Test – Get familiar with our new computer-delivered IELTS test by taking this practice test. Click here to start on your practice test. 

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