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Please note that the Free IELTS Familiarisation Test is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for further updates.

IELTS on computer Familiarisation Tests provide prospective test takers access to experience IELTS on computer, and get familiar with the question types and navigate the screens at IDP test centres.

The tests are available for:

  • Listening

  • Academic Reading

  • Academic Writing

The IELTS familiarisation tests are scheduled timeslots and are a very close representation of the actual IELTS on computer test. The test has useful tools such as:

  • Countdown timer

  • Highlight text

  • Make notes

  • Word count (writing test)

What it is not?

This is not a scored practice test, it does not replicate the IELTS on computer tests, but is the closest support tool for familiarisation.