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One way to prepare for your IELTS test is to take a Progress Check practice test.  This is useful if you are taking the IELTS test for the first time and need to become more familiar with the test format. You can also use this preparation tool to get feedback on your band level.

Some advantages of taking an IELTS Progress Check are that you can:

  • Receive an indicative band score for each skill and an overall indicative result.

  • Receive an official feedback report.

  • Receive specific feedback on your Speaking and Writing test performance by an IELTS Expert.

  • Choose whether you want to practise in timed conditions or at your own speed.

  • Receive feedback within 5 days of submitting your answers.

  • Use authentic IELTS materials that are at the same level as the test.

  • Gain a better understanding of which areas you have done well in and where you need to improve.