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The IELTS online practice test is a test that helps you get ready for the actual IELTS test by providing an overview of the test format and a range of sample test questions and answers. You will also have the chance to time yourself as you complete each section of the practice test, so you better prepare for the actual test day experience.

How to practice IELTS online?

The IELTS Progress Check is an official IELTS mock test that is marked online. Your overall band score and the individual band scores for each part of the test will be given to you. It will offer advice on how to improve certain areas as well. Within five days, you will receive an official feedback report with an indicated overall test band score as well as band scores for each test section (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). Additionally, you will receive personalised feedback from professional IELTS examiners on how to enhance your speaking and writing abilities.

IELTS Online Practice Test Simulations Guide

You can choose to buy Academic or General Training tests. Each test has brand-new test materials and is entirely unique. Each of the four exams has a unique number, so if you decided to purchase the Academic practice test 1, all four sections of the Academic practice test 2 and so on will be different. These practice tests are official partner products and will give you a very accurate test experience across all four sections of the exam. Each test can only be taken once, so once you've finished it and sent it in for scoring, you can't go back and take it again.

Can I take IELTS mock test online?

You should use a laptop or a computer to complete all four parts of the online test. The official IELTS Progress Check app can be used to take the test on an iPad; however, you should try to use a larger screen for a better user experience. Note that the test will not work on a smartphone because the displays are too small to read text and respond to questions at the same time, and tests won't upload to the test platform.

Make sure your device is using the most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and that it is using an up-to-date operating system like Windows 10. The test platform is incompatible with other browsers. Additionally, make sure you can submit your finished test parts and that your internet connection is steady.

Make sure IELTS Progress Check app has access to your microphone as well since you will be required to respond to questions in the Speaking test, and your responses will be sent to the testing platform. Make sure your device's volume is turned up so you can hear the Speaking test questions and the audio for the Listening part of the test.

How do I practice IELTS?

The system is easy to use, and you can simply start again if you have an issue as long as you haven't finished or turned in the test for marking. The questions presented during the Speaking examination are pre-recorded, which makes it run differently than a genuine face-to-face exam. Each question has a set amount of time allotted for your response, and once the test is over, the entire tape is submitted for the examiner to hear and assign you an indicative band score. Keep in mind that this is just a practice test, therefore, we want you to be able to study without feeling pressured. To ensure you get the most out of your official online practice test, we offer the option to retake it whenever you have time. However, if you wish to have a more realistic test experience, you can do a timed test and make sure you follow the timings set in the real IELTS test.

Test part


Listening test

30 minutes

Reading test

60 minutes

Writing test

60 minutes

Speaking test

11 – 14 minutes

Remember that practice makes perfect, so if you practice your English test performance by doing tests, you will certainly get better. Focus on the areas that require improvement by using the feedback you receive for your report.

Why not take an IELTS mock exam to assess your performance? If you feel well-prepared for your practice test, you will feel much more confident and more prepared to schedule a real IELTS test.